Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007


these I traded in even before I made them, more of my drawings in pen and ink on wood.

very unfortunate

this is my latest illustration. It is now in the senior show in the hardie building, a week earlier it was in my senior thesis show. it is painted on gessoed illustration board which I like alot because it really shows the scraping of the watercolor. I like illustrating whatever comes out of my head, fun or unusual but i do take my work seriously, i stay up late to work on illustrations when i dont even have to.

artist notebook

this is from my artist notebook. first image is from a page in my notebook and the other two are the finals for that class. and one of them I traded. but i can make more.


what i like about art or illustration in general is comming up with ideas for my next piece. but when im stuck....i read the news and usually one illustration will inspire the next. my beardman was from the news so this is what came after. beardlady...i was also watching Carnivale at the same time...good show everyone should see it. if the image looks well...bad..not everything can be fixed in photoshop.