Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mustache man

This is for my show comming up in you better be there. there wont be areal theme or anything except just comming up with more random and unusual work. I got this idea from the news. I guess they have these beard competitions so I thought it would be fun to paint this one up. this time the skin tone is the color i wanted because i was painting skin tones too dull. I changed my palette alittle as suggested. feedback or advice is always good, even encouragement since I doubt my work sometimes.

Raining Cats and Dogs

This work is just acrylic and watercolor. Im not in in Independant projects this semester so i dont have a subject or theme, so I have far less work made this semester. But I have been spending even more time in my studio now...its like my second home its just as messy as a my room and car so im comfortable with staying my studio for 6 or more hours straight. this piece was success but thats because again I spent and took alot of time into this one. But alas the colors are much darker than they should. good thing i was able to fix it in photoshop. I've been told that if i was Childrens book Illustrator my work would appeal to depressed kids. so im doing something about it, been changing my palette up and practicing more on just acrylic and watercolor. I just hope it doesnt look like crap in the end. because my senior show is comming up and im trying NOT to screw up.

aarrrggg roosters are so NOISY!

This is from this semester and my latest cutpaper illustration it is my Noise piece from senior sem...roosters arrggg so annoying and the background is SUPPOSE to be a sunrise but afew noticed it looks more like a beach, which I didnt notice until later. I love the color of the background i really dont want to go back and change it. As much as I like it I have been getting bored with the same routine of painting, cutting and then painting it again there are so many pieces to cut and paint over it would take me the rest of the night to glue it. I want to keep changing my style and medium. I dont want to do the same thing over and over again. mixing it up and challenging myself is what im currently after. so will I still be doing cutpaper. yes I will but I dont want to be known as a cutpaper illustrator.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

the poem for is 'Last Night I Dreamed Of Chickens' by Jack Prelutsky. I just imagined chickens flying all over the bed, I wanted this piece to be energetic and fun. I had alot of fun with this piece, I have been working faster and can see an improvement compared to my first cutpaper illustration, which isnt up due to the scanner breaking..again.


Another Cutpaper piece from last semister. I forgot what poem this was for but its about hippos flossing...yeah. anyway. it was alot darker but i was was able to fix it in photoshop. for each cutpaper work it usually took me between one to two weeks. it sounds like a long time but it from painting my own paper, cutting them up and adding watercolor.

Use for a moose.

one of my first works using acrylic, watercolor, thread and cutpaper. this was for my senior Independant projects and my project was unusual poems for children. this piece is from Shel Silverstein's 'Use for a Moose'. which is one of my favorite poems because everyone knows that Shel Silversteins poems are kick ass.